Turandot – Opera kids

Opera kids – 15th edition

In the 2023/2024 school year and on the occasion of the centenary of the composer’s death Opera kids proposes as the star title of its XV edition Turandot, Giacomo Puccini’s opera reinterpreted and adapted for audiences aged 3 to 6 in kindergarten.


Turandot. Icy heart

Manifesto Opera kids - Turandot

Musical performance with singer, two actors and pianist
Music by G. Puccini
Musical dramaturgy Anna Pedrazzini
Direction Massimiliano Burini
Masks and costumes Mariella Carbone
Production AsLiCo

First performance: Como Teatro Sociale December 1, 2023
Running time: 50 minutes

The performance

In an ethereal scene, enclosed in light and delicate lighting, a garden of bare peach trees appears. Flower petals now fallen to the ground, lanterns still hanging from the branches and scattered on the ground. It looks as if winter has passed or is about to come. Three characters behind their masks and stylized movements, like ancient shadows appear on the scene, among the petals.

They tell of an ancient story, that of Princess Turandot, the victim of an ancient curse that has affected the whole kingdom. Her frozen heart cannot love, feel emotions and so her kingdom also loses vigor, light and hope. Ping, Pong, Pang, the princess’s three advisors tell amid shadows, masks, singing and dancing, the incredible story of Princess Turandot and how her heart and the whole kingdom could shine and love again if someone of great courage can break the spell that made her the Ice Princess.

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