Opera baby

From 2015, for an audience between 0 and 36 months old.

The musical conception takes inspiration from the original work, whose recurring arias stand out to invite listening; the experience promotes experimentation through all the senses with colors, shapes, materials and languages designed for an infant-friendly stage setup.
The performance, lasting about 45 minutes, is introduced by training for social educational workers of early childhood and, upon request, by a classroom meeting.

CenerentoQUA CenerentoLA

Taken from La Cenerentola by Gioachino Rossini

Director Sara Zanobbio
Musical drama Anna Pedrazzini

Actor Francesca Tripaldi
Accordionist Paolo Camporesi

Opera baby – VII edition (6-36 months)

Director’s notes

Our Cinderella tells of a little girl struggling with sibling rivalry, that feeling of being hopelessly outmatched and the fear of not being able to win her parents’ love and esteem.
But Cinderella is a heroine, strong and dreamy. In solitude, she learns to discover great adventures in small things, she knows how to look and listen and loves rhythm. She beats and shakes and finds incredible music everywhere, she sings her dreams.
It is music that will spur her on to change, to transformation. No, no prince, but the beauty of a dream, the strength of a desire.
On a Summer day, Cinderella overcomes her sadness and gets the better of her sisters, even trying to trick her father in order to attain the esteem she deserves.
Cinderella is now alone, victorious, with her music just for her. But suddenly, wish fulfilled, in a flash the rivalry also vanishes and Cinderella rediscovers the love for her father and sisters, four single notes united forever in a wonderful quatrain.

Opera baby takes from the desire to widen the platform of Opera Education even more, in order to reach children in preschool age, from the cradle. Recent neuro-cognitive studies have demonstrated that it is an age in which music can play a pivotal role in the child’s growth, motor and learning and cognitive development. The program offers a training for socio-educational workers of the earliest childhood lead by our professional trainers, in which are provided the pedagogical instruments to prepare the children to the theatre experience. Upon request, it possible to organise a special class session in the kindergarten.
If the young spectators cannot be carried to the theatre, the performance could be set up in the common space of kindergarten.


The pedagogical and music course is thought for social educational workers of early childhood only, while parents have access to the booklet with special learning contents and the online didactic area filled with readings, games and suggested listening. In addition, families can take part to the music and game workshop. Instead, exclusively for babies is the workshop activity in the pre-school, in which pedagogics and actors prepare them with different music exercises. Opera baby, by creating a music performance of high artistic quality which is at the same time accessible and participatory, shows itself in line with the other projects of the platform.


Lasting about 45 minutes, it includes infants’ reception and exploration of space, in a set-up adaptable to theatrical and non-theatrical spaces, such as kindergartens, play-spaces, museums, and multipurpose rooms.
The staging is built for toddlers, in a freedom of space and timing: a first phase of observation and then one of space exploration.
The show combines singing, movement and live music, with simple repeated actions accompanying sounds and an easily assimilated singsong, so much so that at the end the children join in with the singing on stage, making the exploration phase even more active and personal.

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