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Opera Education continuously renews and enhances its commitment to expand its educational and artistic offerings in an increasingly accessible direction. This enables all students and their families to engage with theater and opera, turning diversity into a strength. We aim to grow together, learning from one another inclusively and consciously.

For this reason, when structuring the educational contributions of the Opera Tomorrow (6-14 years) and Opera Kids (3-6 years) projects, we have considered more inclusive solutions both before and during the performances.

The inclusive approach dedicated to making opera more accessible and inclusive has been selected for funding under the European initiative Next Stage, aimed at transforming the performing arts sector through innovation in digitization, sustainability, and inclusivity.

Sensory Theatre, in collaboration with Opéra Grand Avignon, was awarded on Friday, June 17, 2022, during the annual assembly of Opera Europa in Prague (read the news here).

Accessible materials

We provide all students with accessible materials for each performance, including the accessible libretto, audio description of the show, and participatory moments in Italian Sign Language.

Service provision

ALI – Accessibility, Languages, and Inclusion originates from a comprehensive concept of inclusion. For ALI, inclusion means open-mindedness and flexibility of services, enabling everyone to enjoy places, cities, experiences, performances, museums, and much more beyond sensory, linguistic, and cognitive barriers. ALI comprises language experts, translators, interpreters, and professionals in the field of accessibility who have extensive and international university training.

Museo tattile Omero
The State Tactile Museum Omero in Ancona is one of the few tactile museums in the world. The institution introduces art through touch, providing visitors with the opportunity to see with their hands. Created to promote the integration of people with visual disabilities, it is a space accessible to all. It is not intended to be exclusively for the visually impaired but rather a cultural space without barriers. The collaboration with Opera Tomorrow involves the production of tactile panels to explore the structure of the Teatro Sociale di Como and some significant scenes from the opera.

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