Falstaff is coming!

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Falstaff is coming!

For the 2024/25 Season, Giuseppe Verdi’s second opera buffa, Falstaff, will take center stage!

Arrigo Boito’s libretto was taken from Shakespeare’s The Merry Wives of Windsor, and some passages were also taken from Henry IV, the historical drama in which the figure of Sir John Falstaff first appeared.

As some will recall, this is not the first time the composition has become part of our projects: in 2001, in fact, the staging of Opera domani took the title Falstaff. Knight, directed by Serena Sinigaglia.

We are sure you are waiting for more updates, but at the moment we reveal only that we are in a phase of commissioning projects to the artistic teams and have restarted collaboration with our trainers for teaching guidance.

Stay tuned for more updates!