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Address your 5×1000 to AsLiCo

To assign the 5 x 1000 is a small gesture, easy to make.

It may seem a small mark, but it reveals a deep belonging to AsLiCo and to Teatro Sociale, symbolic place of the territory, always open to welcome, train and bring in different audiences.

It is a gesture that unites, bringing together those who donate and those who attend the theatre:


teachers and classes participating in the educational projects, thousands of children;

under 30 and those under 40, for whom we study ad hoc projects;

students and teachers of our Theater Schools;

Associates and Sponsors;

the 200.Com choristers, who attend rehearsals in the Theatre spaces for months to then debut in the Arena;

the singers who, after winning the AsLiCo Competition, receive contracts for productions all over the world.

The Theater is a source of inexhaustible inspiration, capable of cementing a lasting and indissoluble bond between the institution and those who frequent it, between employees and spectators. A small contribution can help to make the city more and more involved in the Theater and to bring the Theater outside the architectural and city walls, as an ambassador of culture, art and music, in the territory, in Italy, and abroad.

Easy to do: fill in your income tax return (730, CUD, Unico) in the box dedicated to 5×1000, with the Teatro Sociale di Como AsLiCo data (02993490156).