Opera domani Acquaprofonda


Acquaprofonda, the civic opera that Teatro Sociale Como – AsLiCo has commissioned, in co-production with Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, to Giovanni Sollima and Giancarlo De Cataldo, is awarded the prize “Filippo Siebaneck”, intended for initiatives of particular significance in the field of music education and/or vocational training for young people, within the 41st edition of the “Abbiati” Prize.

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Civic opera

Acquaprofonda opera civica contemporanea Giovanni SollimaAcquaprofonda is a contemporary opera with original music by Giovanni Sollima based on a libretto by Giancarlo De Cataldo, which Teatro Sociale di Como – AsLiCo commissioned, in co-production with Teatro dell’Opera di Roma.
With this opera for primary and secondary schools, we address the highly topical issue of water pollution.
Prior to the participatory performance at the theatre, there is a MIUR-recognized training course for teachers and children, with music and civic education workshops. More information in the Education Path section.

Acquaprofonda coro

Music by Giovanni Sollima
Libretto by Giancarlo De Cataldo
Director Luis Ernesto Doñas
Set design Chiara La Ferlita
Costumes Elisa Cobello



A beach, a humble cabin, a massive factory: the everyday life of our protagonist Serena, her father, the Guardian, and Master Bu, the factory owner, is disrupted by the arrival of a giant sea creature. Thanks to the help of the Old Sailor, Serena will be able to convince her father to act correctly, and will help the whale get rid of the plastic in its belly, returning to Master Bu the polluting waste from his business.

CIVIC EDUCATION TOPICS in collaboration with Legambiente
  • The right of children and adolescents to clean water and the problems this lack still creates in the world today – in collaboration with UNICEF Italia;
  • Water pollution, the numbers that quantify the damage caused by humanity, what the major polluting agents are, what they cause to the ecosystem and how monitoring is done – in collaboration with SIMILE;
  • The role of plastic, a tool not to be demonized: on the contrary, it is illustrated how its misuse and disposal can cause damage to the environment;
  • Good daily actions that children can do in concrete ways to improve their impact on the environment: much emphasis will be placed on the role of each individual to contribute to the environmental cause.


THE MUSICAL ACTIVITIES curated by Opera Education’s expert trainers:
  • What does it mean to compose an opera in the 21st century? From this reflection, let’s analyze the music composed by Giovanni Sollima and the contaminations of different musical genres and styles.
  • Let’s create a class orchestra composed of discarded elements and learn how to make music together. Suggestions also include tips for musically reproducing the water cycle.
  • Let’s learn to sing choruses to participate during the performance! Sheet music and backing tracks with and without guide vocals are available for you.

The special project for the XXV edition of Opera domani has been nominated among the finalists for the Education Fedora Prize 2020, reaffirming Opera Education’s presence in the international network.

For preparatory and musical didactics materials, please visit the Italian page.

For more information on the next workshops and shows, please visit the Italian page.

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