Turandot is on its way!

Turandot is on its way!

Blare of trumpets, roll of drums: it’s time for an announcement!

As many will know, the title that will lead our projects next year is Giacomo Puccini’s Turandot.

Starting from September 2023, registrations will be open for new school and family projects, and as we wait to unveil the art and education projects, now in the creation phase, we give you some sneak peeks:


One, two, three… Turandot!

Musical performance with two performers
Loosely based on Turandot by G. Puccini
Musical dramaturgy by Anna Pedrazzini
Directed by Sara Zanobbio
Sets and costumes Cantieri del Teatro – Como

Production AsLiCo

What a big mountain of boxes! So many locks, laces and padlocks… What could possibly be hidden back there?A foot… Two hands… Three musical notes…
One eye…Two lips…Three riddles to be solved by dawn. Are you in there Turandot? Calaf is looking for you! Are you really sure you don’t want to come out?
Look at your wings. Your cocoon is only a moment, a before, which later will become a butterfly. Don’t be afraid!

The performance lasts approximately 40 minutes and will be introduced by teacher training.

Debut: March 16 2024, at the Teatro Sociale in Como.


Cuore di ghiaccio

Musical Dramaturgy Anna Pedrazzini

Musical theater performance with singer, two actors and pianist

Director Massimiliano Burini
Masks and costumes Mariella Carbone

Production AsLiCo
New set-up

In an ethereal scene, illuminated by soft, gentle light, a garden of bare peach trees appears. Flower petals fallen to the ground, lanterns still hanging from the branches. It seems that winter has passed or is about to come. Three characters behind their masks, like shadows, appear on the scene. They tell an ancient story, that of Princess Turandot, the victim of a curse that has affected the whole kingdom. Her frozen heart cannot love, feel emotions, and so her kingdom also loses vigor, light and hope. Only the arrival of someone of great courage could break the spell that has made her the Ice Princess, and the whole kingdom could shine and love again.

The performance lasts approximately 50 minutes and will be introduced by preschool teacher training.

Debut: December 12023, at the Teatro Sociale di Como



Enigmi al museo

Booklet of Giuseppe Adami e Renato Simoni

con Cantanti vincitori e finalisti delle ultime edizioni del Concorso AsLiCo

Conductor Sieva Borzak
Director Andrea Bernard

Orchestra 1813

Production AsLiCo
New set up

Turandot is a fairy tale that takes us to discover a magical and grand China, where – amidst riddles to be solved, princes of the Orient, gongs of fate, executioners and sumptuous imperial palaces – the story of the Princess with the Heart of Ice comes to life.
Director Andrea Bernard chooses a museum as the setting for the story, where visitors include the young Calaf, with his father Timur and Liù. The mysterious world of Turandot materializes and reverberates among statues, fine ceramics, traditional costumes and period prints.
The reading of an ancient manuscript enlivens the museum’s artworks, and visitors are catapulted into the riddles of Princess Turandot, who-with the help of Ping, Pong and Pang, three terracotta army statues-is waiting for nothing more than to find true love and be remembered forever.

The performance lasts approximately 70 minutes and will be introduced by a training for teachers.

Debut: February 14 2024, at the Teatro Sociale di Como