Opera kids

Since 2009, for the public from 3 to 6 years of age

Balancing opera and theatre, the performance features a musician, a singer and two actors, who invite the audience to sing an aria from the opera and interact with the performers at crucial moments in the performance.

Dolce Cenerentola

Taken from La Cenerentola by Gioachino Rossini

Director Simone Guerro
Animations Nadia Milani
Director’s assistant Matteo Moglianesi
Musical drama Giuseppe Califano
Puppets Ilaria Comisso
Sets and costumes Cantieri del Teatro Sociale di Como

An AsLiCo Production
in coproduction with Ópera de Oviedo and State Opera Plovdiv


Director’s notes

In an ancient castle we find Angelina, better known as Cinderella, enslaved to the whims of her two stepsisters and her stepfather, Don Magnifico. Despite all the wrongs her family puts her through, Cinderella manages to maintain her great goodness and kindness. One day, Prince Ramiro arrives in the village in search of a wife. It is not easy for a prince to find a woman who really loves him and is not just fascinated by his wealth. The prince therefore devises a plan: he will exchange his royal robes for his valet’s uniform for a few days. Only then will he be able to understand if the love of the lady he meets is true.

Thus a play about the search for true humanity is born: while much of the world moves for power and money, people exist and endure who have honesty as their greatest value. A value that unites rich and poor, women and men.

An innovative project that responds to the need to appeal to a younger audience compared to that of the pillar Opera domani, involving kindergarten age children, aware of how music is a language through which develop sensory, perceptive and intellectual abilities in children.

The show, a balance between opera and theatre, includes a musician, a singer and two actors on stage, who invite the audience to sing an aria of the opera and interact with the performers in the most crucial moments of the performance.


All this requires preparation, offered in a didactic course for teachers on the techniques for learning arias and other cues of playing and tutorials for the preparation of children for the theatrical experience; there are also recreational workshops for children, aimed for the whole family, on singing, small choreography and construction of musical instruments. Children are prepared to attend the show thanks also to an ad hoc game-book about the chosen opera, learning both the story and the main themes of the opera by drawing and cutting. With the singing guide on the website and a workshop in class (available on request), they also learn some arias from the opera that they will sing from the stalls together with the artists during the show.
Teachers and families can find additional content in the educational area of ​​the website: readings, games, recommended listening and tutorials for singing together before the show.
The educational program is curated by singers and speakers expert in musical training, and can be done in schools or in theatrical spaces.


Lasting about 50 minutes, it involves the use of a piano and is also adaptable to non-theatrical spaces such as kindergartens, libraries and auditoriums.

For preparatory and musical didactics materials, please visit the Italian page.

For more information on the next workshops please visit the Italian page.

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